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First of all, YAY, I have a phone now.

With 4th of July weekend past, I finally had a little time to sit down and upload some pictures and update the ol’ blog. Sorry for the epic fail lately…this whole ‘enjoying life’ thing is really time-consuming.

So if you all didn’t know, apparently Seward is THE place to be in Alaska for our Independence Day, and everyone flocks here within a day or two. The town became crazy rather quickly; one day, it was just normal old Seward, and the next, the streets were lined with vendors and packed with people. There was literally everything; clothes stores, souvenir stalls, even the NRA had a booth. Which was kind of ridiculous.

They were also selling raffle tickets to win an operational Thompson submachine gun (or the Tommy Gun, aka the gun that mobsters carry in nearly every depiction of them) at only $50 a ticket. If I had been in possession of a little more money at the time, I would’ve considered it…because it came with a violin case to carry it in.

And don’t get me started on the food stalls. Fish and chips, corn fritters, reindeer sausage, tacos. The king of it all, though was…wait, you might want to sit down for this.

Chocolate-Dipped Bacon.

It was chocolatey. It was crunchy. It was everything great and horrible about this country. And it was actually palatable. Not something I would eat on a regular basis (if only for the sake of my personal well-being).

We watched fireworks at midnight from the beach, and had a barbeque the next night. It was no West Point fireworks show, but it was a good time for all.

Some Sea Life Center stuff…first of all, we have our first duckling!! The happy mother is Mrs. Black the Spectacled Eider, who is a first-time mother. The baby is adorable…unfortunately, there will be no pictures on Facebook or my blog. We also have two new baby Guillemot chicks, who I may see soon.

Bird department isn’t the only one that has new additions; meet C(K)ordelia.*

*Note: I refuse to spell her name with a K. It’s ridiculous.

I first saw Cordelia the morning after she was born. She has plumped up to a ridiculous level since then, meaning she looks less like a harbor seal and more like a swimming, rolly polly pudgeball.

I also got some pictures and video of her with her mom.

Today, I shadowed Aquariums department, which was a lot of fun. We fed the salmon in the exhibit, which was a little more intense than I expected…they would jump when feeding, making anywhere near the opening of the tank a splash zone.

During my lunch break, I got to spend a little time in the aviary, and FINALLY got some good pictures of one of the male Long-Tailed Ducks, in addition to a molting male Harlequin, and some Kittiwakes in their nests.

After lunch, I went on my first Octopus Encounter. Lulu was particularly grabby today.

She hung onto one of the guests’ arms, and wiggled her arms all the way up to the nervous tourists’ elbows. Even when the encounter was done, she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

On the way home, I found this photogenic Steller’s Jay.

That’s my update. Stay classy, listeners.


I’m ALIVE!!!!!

I wish I could say the same for my phone, though.

First, some more pictures from the Sea Life Center.

On to the adventure. A couple of nights ago we went to the other side of the bay to just walk around the beach. There were also some grassy parts, full of cool plant life.

The dark one is a chocolate lily…don’t let the name fool you. It probably doesn’t taste like chocolate; in fact, if it tastes like it smells, it would taste like moldy bread dipped in sour butter and rolled in month-old gym socks.

We also found a really comfortable bed of grass. With no ticks or snakes here, you can actually enjoy fooling around in the long grass (I’ve heard no word on the presence of velociraptors though).


We came across an old rig too, climbing up (in spite of how rickety it was) and getting some great shots.

A few of us had broken off to climb the rig, and tried to find another way back to the parking lot. We ended up in the woods, which wasn’t bad until we reached the nearly hip-high creek (hip-high on me, anyway).  I ended up walking barefoot through, and about half-way through I realized my phone was in my damn pocket. It wasn’t soaking wet when I got out, but apparently, it was enough to make my phone start acting loopy.

So if you are trying to reach me and the call won’t go through, it’s because I have the phone off. When my phone is on, it’s nearly impossible for me to text, so don’t text me…because in all probability it will end up being something like this:

You: Hey, what’s up?

Me: JDFLK:DSJE)(#0923i4r4jedslkf;ajOQflknmals;ekj1231231p0-01rjef;lkmdaknsnf;asjglkn890piok;l)(&*(!#)k;ldkjfalksjdfoiw; nscvxzpow1;lsf

Eeeeyup. That’s all folks.