­­­­­­­Today’s day-off-adventure was tidepooling at Lowell Point beach.

That’s the beach. Pretty nice, until all the darn tourists started showing up. I’m starting to regret having Saturdays off…it’s usually tourist day.

Still, there were some parts of the beach that tourists didn’t seem so keen of (basically, anywhere there wasn’t good fishing access or space to sprawl out on the sand), so I decided to walk that way, seeing a mud flat in the distance that looked like a hub of bird activity. I never made it out that far, though, since I was tired from the walk to the beach. I ended up looking for tide pools and turning up rocks and stuff to see what critters I could find.

These are limpets. They were all over the place, though admittedly not as much as the barnacles. I thought they were just dead shells until I plucked one off a rock.

Then there were these little snails. I don’t know what they’re called (I’m not a mollusk person). Also found in nearly every tidal pool I came across.

Hermit crab time!! You have to be quick to nab one of these little buggers. At first they just curl up inside their shell, but if you keep your hand still for long enough, they’ll come out and start to explore.

The rarest pool life forms were small fish called tide pool sculpin about the size of my pinkie finger. These little guys zipped around if I made any sudden movements, often darting for cover beneath the seaweed. Fortunately, I got this guy when he was just sitting out in the open.

Finally, I had a real stroke of luck on the walk back. I heard a commotion among a small family fishing, and they were taking something off their line. I got there just in time to see what it was; a sizeable sunflower star!!!

Pretty successful day, for a day without birds. Off to prepare for the week ahead.