Our Spectacled Eiders have finally begun to lay in earnest!! One more egg from the first lay-er, in addition to another from a separate female. It was an exciting day for us duck-people.

With the upcoming AZA accreditation inspection, everybody is become frantic, getting ready for the big day. Getting recognized by the AZA will be a big step for the ASLC, so it’s important that we pass…and there is a fair amount to do to get ready. I personally think it’ll go well…the people here at the ASLC are in it to win it. There’s still a few weeks, too, so I’m confident everything will go


Other than that, I got some good pictures of the resident male King Eider (there are never enough pictures of these birds, especially when they are so cooperative some days). I’ll upload them next blog post.

That’s all, folks.