Late post is rather late.

So this morning I got up early thinking I had food prep…only to discover that I don’t have food prep today, or for the entire week.

I ended up having an hour to myself, so I dropped by the Sea Bean. Of course I didn’t update my blog…there was no time for that!! I had to fool  around on the internet. While I was surfing the web, an older man came in, and in his arms…an adorable puppy. He went out to meet a friend, leaving the wee one to his own devices in the coffee shop, where the only two possible sources of attention were the barista, and myself. Guess who he chose.

I got some fun video of the little fluffball, plus this picture where he looks like he’s laughing maniacally because he knows none can resist his fluffy adorableness.

Our first Spectacled Eider egg came today!!!! The mother isn’t at all who was predicted to lay first. Like I said, sorry, no pictures, research animals, blah blah. Apart from that, work was just work. Really. Tomorrow’s blog will be cooler, I promise*.

*Note: The author only promises the possibility of a maximum of 20% more coolness. Restrictions apply, results may vary.