…aaaaaand I jinxed it. I looked out the window at the cloudy skies, and said to myself, “The instant I get on that trail, it’s going to start raining.”

It didn’t even take that long. I was about halfway to the trail when the skies released their fury upon me. I walked back to my apartment, sullen and soaked…and within a half hour, the rain had ceased. Did I mention how much I loved Seward weather? I don’t think I did.

So most of the day was spent inside, doing this, listening to music, and looking out the window at the sky angrily, knowing that if I attempted to go out again, the evil Frenchman in the sky would pull his happy little lever again. “ANND NOW IT IS RAIN, AND NOW IT IS NOT!!! IL PLEUT! IL NE PLEUT PAS!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.”

Yes, the incarnation of everything that is wrong with the weather is a sadistic French guy. Watch Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail, and you may start to understand

Sadly most of the day was spent inside. So yeah. Pretty dull.