So my mighty paycheck was about $53. Damn it.

Well, I should’ve figured as much. Maybe I should just take a second job…I don’t want to blow through everything so fast.

Another cruise ship came in today, even bigger than the last. As a result, the sea life center was packed. Glad it was the weekend for me.

I guess after that I picked up some groceries, enough to last me until the next paycheck. Which is good, because I nearly spent everything I got. The sales tax here is criminal. I can’t even imagine living here for 3 months, imagine being that poor sucker. Oh wait…

Later in the evening, I went with some of the other interns to walk the smaller Exit Glacier trail. It was really something seeing the bit of the glacier that we did…most impressive. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to grab my camera before we left, so no pictures for now. I’ll have to make it back there at some point.

The glacier trail was teeming with Violet-Green Swallows, which seemed to be an odd place for them. They were landing right on the ropes…a picture would have been so easy. Again, why did I forget my camera?? I also saw some Common Redpolls.

I am really enjoying all this sun. Too bad I had to run errands today, didn’t have time to walk any trails, so here’s to hoping that it’s sunny tomorrow!!!