WOOOO!!! Made it through my second week of work. And tomorrow is pay day. Sweet justice, indeed.

Work was alright…we finished up the ramps for the Steller’s nests, and fed everyone silversides (fish) for treats. Some of the Specs will feed right from your hand, which is a lot of fun. It’s also cool to watch them dive for the stuff that falls to the bottom. Food prep was a pain though…I’m still finding scales on my clothes. It took long too, since it was just me and Natalie for most of the time.

Still, it was a mercifully easy day, overall. During lunch, I took some pictures and video of the harbor seals, because honestly, who doesn’t love them (apart from fish, I guess)?

Later I got some great pictures of the birds, including the male King Eider, the male Harlequin, a curious Tufted Puffin, and some of the Long-Tailed Ducks (finally!!).

I also finally learned the story of those domestic-looking feral rabbits. Apparently, a while back, some dude was just raising rabbits. Officials told him he had to money, so he should get rid of some. The reasonable man decided he would get rid of all of them…by letting them loose in the city. Within a few years, the population had exploded, since not many things around here want to eat rabbits except possibly for dogs and bears (the eagles around here only eat fish, since they are Bald Eagles. If there were Golden Eagles around, the story might’ve gone differently).

Tomorrow, I should get some good birding in. I also learned some good places to get decent pictures of wild sea lions, for all you folks that think the birds are dreadfully dull and boring and don’t have the decency to just STOP READING (just kidding, of course).