Today at work was mostly uneventful. Cleaned stuff. Watched for poop. Fed the ducks. Daily cyle, pretty much.

The only merciful thing about today was that I ended at 4 instead of 5. I think I might have gone nuts if I had to go another hour.

The sun actually shines in Seward!! It’s real!! I was starting to think the sun only shines on the continental U.S. I have proof!!

…okay, that’s kind of crappy proof. But nonetheless!!

After birding the Two Lakes trail for a short time, I have learned two things: 1.) I still LOVE Alaska, and 2.) Moose scare the crap out of me.

Allow me to explain the first point. The scenery was absolutely amazing; I’m going to do some pictures there when the lighting is better. Also I saw a Northern Goshawk while I was walking, which is not just a life bird, but one of my goal birds for the state.

Now to the second point…as I was walking the trail, at one point I forgot what all the safety guides tell you as far as making noise goes and keeping your eyes forward on the trail, being a birder with ADD. I was standing still just taking it in, when I heard some rustling on the trail ahead. I saw a giant brown mass, and I ceased all movement. Heck, I was barely breathing at that point. Somewhat to my relief, it was not a bear, but a moose. Also somewhat to my relief, it was not a bull, which probably is the only reason I am still typing instead of lying in a broken pile in the woods somewhere.

Yes, this was a cow, yet it was still big enough to give me pause. This is where my being relieved stopped. It was moving right towards me. I started backing up very slowly. The moose kept coming. I started backing up a little faster…and it still kept coming. This moose was intent on checking me out. Finally I did, quite possibly, the stupidest thing ever.

I ran for it.

If this were anything other than sheer curiosity on the moose’s part, I probably would have been screwed at that point. The moose was probably shocked at how something that seemed so big and clumsy sprinted so fast, even with field guides, binoculars, and backpack weighing it down.

It looks like I actually caught up on my blogs! Now I’m not a day behind. YAY.