Late post is late.

I did get some fun video of Woody this morning…as I was coming in, I stopped by the Steller’s underwater viewing area. Woody spotted me, swam over, and settled down on the floor. He then proceeded to cock his head and give me the stinkeye, his way of saying, “These are MY women. Back off, punk.” He did this for over 15 seconds, at which point I admit I got a little freaked out, stopped recording, and just walked around the corner so he would stop.

I also saw a Rufous Hummingbird zipping around outside the window of our apartment. It’s weird to think that there are hummingbirds in a place like Alaska.

Apart from that…lots of poop watch. You almost want one of the birds to poop just so you have something to do. Plus, when people come up and ask you what you’re doing, what are you supposed to say? “I’m watching them until one poops so I can run down and collect it?” That’s just awkward. So now I just say, “I’m monitoring their behavior.” It works well enough.

In the evening, I went with some of the interns to go see a performer, Hobo Joe, known as “Alaska’s Balladeer.” It was a lot of fun, and I only regret I couldn’t have stayed longer…I had food prep in the morning (blegh).

Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be more interesting. Probably not. Whatevs.

Total Alaska Life Bird Count: 20 (Rufous Hummingbird).