Today was a little disappointing…I didn’t get any life birds today. Happily I had other things to keep me cheery. First of all, the sun was out today…and not just for a few minutes. It was out for nearly the entire day!!

Second, just because I didn’t get any life birds, doesn’t mean there weren’t any birds I hadn’t yet seen in Alaska. I was treated to the aerial acrobatics of both Violet-Green and Tree Swallows over the lagoon, which I watched for a good hour at least. As I was walking back from one of the areas I was birding, I also found a little Yellow-Rumped Warbler (also known as a butterbutt in some circles)*, who I got some footage of as he was happily foraging through the trees.

*A Reminder: It’s probably a good idea to turn on Safe Search if you’re going to search ‘butterbutt’ in Google.

Third, I met one of Seward’s more…colorful locals. His name was Aiden, and he lives in a trailer home out in the wilderness with his cat, a pretty little black and white feline only barely longer than a squirrel. His van had broken down in the Safeway parking lot, and he was looking for parts to fix his van; he told me he had a degree in electric engineering, and he certainly seemed to demonstrate a good understanding of know-how in the area, at least to someone outside of the profession. Like I said, one of the area’s more colorful characters.

On the way back from the other areas, I birded Resurrection Bay again…but no luck catching the crows cracking shells, or any life birds.

I finally heard from Seth this weekend, and thankfully, I learned about more places to bird in town. With any luck, these spots will be more fruitful than the places I went to in town.

All in all, it was a slow, mostly relaxing day…I’m sure I’ll miss it when I’m at work tomorrow.

Total Alaska Life Bird Count: 19 still. On a side note, my North American list is 190 birds long. That means I’ve achieved 10% of my life list in Alaska alone, and in a little less than a week. Pretty cool, when you think about it.

No new videos on Youtube or Facebook most likely…the internet is sucking right now, and unless it picks up in the next hour I’ll be out of luck.